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Entry #2

i have a game idea

2009-07-21 19:35:21 by the-Cult-of-the-odd

I know no one is going to read this because im a nameless faceless artist with no flash subbmitions whatsoever but its worth putting out there. a classic top down spaceship shooter with pixelated graphics and 4-player co-op i'll do the art (sprites) but i need programer so if you see this please help


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2009-07-21 19:46:52

i just pictured that one game 1944 (i think that was it) anyway it sound good but how are you going to work 4-player co-op into a computer flash game

it should be preety creative if u pull it off

the-Cult-of-the-odd responds:

i know there are only like 5 games on newgrouds that make online play availible to you but still if there are people on here that can make online play in a flash game a reaility im going to find them im going to make them my slave (nah just kidding)